The application phase for the winter semester 2018/2019 has ended.

MAP's Christmas Party


For the end of the year, the MAP members met on November 26 on the premises of the KSHG for MAP's Christmas Party. Just like the previous year, the evening started with a warm welcome by the organisation team.


Since the Christmas party was the first MAP exclusive event for new and old members to meet in a less formal, relaxed and comfortable way, they took the opportunity to get to know each other. With Christmas music in the background and mulled wine in their hands, there was enough time to chit and chat. As many of the MAP members also brought homemade delicacies to the party, the members' physical well-being was well taken care of.

Almost being a tradition now, there was no way that Santa Claus would miss the celebration this year. He read out of his big book, and praised and condemned the MAP members' behavior from last year - of course, with a big wink in his eye. Eventually though, a MAP member's self-written poem led to relief: Santa handed out his presents to MAP!


After many new friendships were made and the last cups of mulled wine were emptied, the group changed location into Münster's old town to spend the rest of the evening there.


MAP wishes all members a Merry Christmas and holidays and a Happy New Year in which many new and exciting events await.

MAP-exclusive Event in Muenster


Following the latest practice partner event in June, MAP organized a MAP-member-exclusive scavenger hunt for July!


On July 10, 2018, four groups started in the early afternoon to solve various tasks and riddles at different stations. For the new MAP members of the summer semester, this MAP-exclusive event was a wonderful opportunity to connect with their fellow students in a more personal environment.


The scavenger hunt took the students to the various sights of Muenster and its university buildings. As it is typical for Muenster, all riddle stations were, of course, visited by bike!


For the day’s finale and thereby the scavenger hunt’s ending, the teams gathered together at the same final destination. There, the winners were selected, and the first semi-final of the FIFA World Championship watched while everybody also appreciated the barbecue. It was apparent that the participants enjoyed the event immensely and that they will remember this team spirit-facilitating event for a long time.

MAP in Düsseldorf as Guests of McKinsey & Company


On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, the next practice partner event for the members of student talent program MAP took place: An exciting afternoon with McKinsey & Company - one of the world's leading management consulting firms. The students participated in a workshop on problem structuring and problem solving in the office in Düsseldorf. The MAP members were warmly welcomed and enjoyed an impressive view on Düsseldorf and the Rhine.


In an introduction round, the students were able to get to know the consultants and their fields of work more closely.


The workshop day then continued with a short introduction into the workshop’s content. The students received insights into the consultants’ working methods, and afterwards worked on a case study with the newly acquired knowledge under helpful tutoring and guidance. The focus of the workshop lay on problem structuring, problem processing, and precise communication. In a number of presentation and feedback sessions, the students were able to gain many helpful tips for the future.


After a short presentation about job entry opportunities for students and prospective graduates, a final Q&A session followed, in which all remaining questions were answered in-depth.


MAP would like to thank McKinsey for the exciting afternoon, great guidance throughout the day, and an interesting glimpse into McKinsey's world. We look forward to a continuing successful partnership.

MAP’s Start into the Summer Semester


Not only the sun was awating the students of student talent program MAP at the beginning of the summer semester in Muenster, but also the second MAP-exclusive event stood ahead: Crack(er)s & Cheese!


As the first part of the event’s name already suggests, MAP members met in the Heribert Meffert library on April 26th and solved brain teasers as well as working on case studies together in groups. To meet the expectations of the event name’s second part, the students of MAP visited the Hafenkäserei Münster afterwards. While having a beautiful view on Muenster’s port, the students got to know more about the cheese dairy’s history and learned more about cheese production and its preparation.


Following a delicious cheese tasting, the event came to a pleasantly homey end in the Café Med restaurant.

The Second Event - Amazon in Muenster


The new year started off with an event by Amazon for the MAP members. For the workhop on February 1st, three employees from the office in Munich came to Muenster to get to know the MAP members and to introduce Amazon in an exciting presentation.


The students acquired first-hand insights into Amazon's culture and working environment. Interesting topics such as Amazon's leadership principles and the dynamic way of working were introduced on the day.


Afterwards, students had the opportunity to discuss the current business area challenges Amaon faces, and work on case studies concerning these topics and to develop creative solutions. The company representatives actively supported the students during their work by answering questions and giving constant assistance. After a short presentation session and subsequent feedbacks, the students were able to ask questions and to connect during a relaxed get-together.


Thank you, Amazon, for a great day and we are looking forward to all the upcoming events with you!

The First Event - MAP as Guests of Schacht One


This "MAP year" began on December 15, 2017, with the first event in Essen, Germany on "Zeche Zollverein" with our practice partner Schacht One. Upon entering Schacht One’s hip and modern office facilities amid UNESCO World Heritage, it became apparent to the students that the workshop will focus on future topics: Schacht One had already prepared an extensive and exiting schedule for the students.


At first, Schacht One introduced themselves as a subsidiary of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH based at the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site and stands for innovation, perseverance and authenticity that produces the fuel for the growth of the future: digital ideas!


In close cooperation with the business units of Haniel & Cie, Schacht One realizes tangible digital projects through a particularly future-oriented way of working.


Dr. Sebastian Schäfer introduced and explained some of Schacht Ones’s important working tools, which afterwards the MAP members used in the workshop. Under the guidance of the experts, the students practiced on a real business case for one of Schacht One's actual customers. The students developed creative ideas in a so-called "design studio", decided jointly via “dot-mocracy", and specified their ideas through the "service canvas". In a final round, each group presented its developed concept in a pitch.


MAP would like to thank Schacht One once again for the hospitality, and the insightful and interactive event. We look forward to an ongoing, successful partnership.

MAP's Christmas Holiday Event


On November 29, 2017, the day of the cozy Christmas holiday party had arrived - a party at which the MAP members would get to know each other for the very first time. For this first meet-up, MAP rented the premises of the KSHG, conveniently located near to the university.


A multitude of different treats brought along by everybody sufficed for the catering of the whole evening. Focal point of the event, however, was getting to know each other for the first time as members of MAP from all the different years of studies. Naturally, some icebreaker games had to be played, and MAP members had to find the answers to questions such as “Who crossed the Alps hiking?”, “Which MAP member has already attained an Information Systems Bachelor degree?” and “Who travelled South Korea on their bike?” Games and questions like that helped the MAP community grow stronger together and connected students in their Bachelor studies with students in their Master studies and vice versa. 


When finally, the Grinch, Santa Claus and his elf appeared, there was no escaping the holiday feeling.

The poetry lines


“I am sure with MAP, a great time lies ahead

And the next event’s date, is also already set!”


say it all: With their MAP participation, the students know they have an exciting and eventful time ahead.