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23/01/2020 - Communication Workshop

Communication workshop with Peter Toenne


On January 23, 2020 the first MAP-event of the new year took place. Led by the specialists and executives coach Peter Toenne the students went through an interactive workshop with the topic of conflict conversations. To start into the topic, Mr. Toenne introduced the stages of conflict escalation and the derived strategies according to Glasl. After that, the participants split into two groups that received the same situation but with different roles – employee and manager. Both groups independently prepared the conflict discussion and chose one volunteer to simulate the talk in plenary. During the simulation the rest of the participants took up the role of the observers and afterwards gave feedback about the progress of the conversation and the goals of both parties. By discussing their observations after the conversation the students got an idea how to seek for a conflict conversation and how to find solutions for both parties.


We want to thank Mr. Toenne for the educational and inspiring workshop!