Events 2021

Practice Partner Events:

19/01/2021 - Power BI Workshop
07/05/2021 - TKMC (digital)
13/07/2021 - Nestlé (digital)
27/10/2021 - Ernsting’s family
02/11/2021 - Kearney Imp3rove

MAP-exclusive Events:

04/06/2021 - Sign language workshop (digital)
22/06/2021 - Strengths Workshop (digital)
28/10/2021 - Scholarship workshop

01/12/2021 - Management Talk with Rob Britton

Management Talk with Rob Britton


A Management Talk with Rob Britton on the topic of "Successful Management in Turbulent Times" was organized on 01.12.2021.


MAP-Workshop - German Sign Language



On June 4, 2021 the first internal MAP-workshop of the year took place. During a digital workshop, the MAP students had the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of their business studies and dive into the world of the German Sign Language. The students gained an insight into the deaf culture and learned first basic words. The finger alphabet was also discussed. After getting first impressions, the MAP students were able to directly apply what they had learned and practised together. Through the interactive sessions during the workshop, everyone was able to quickly apply the learned phrases and communicate with each other. An interesting afternoon with many insights into communication with deaf people for the MAP participants!