Events 2023

Practice Partner Events:

31/01/2023 - Visiting Kearney/IMP3ROVE

MAP-exclusive Events:

 24/01/2023 - Annual kick-off

Visiting Kearney/IMP3ROVE

At the end of January, we visited Kearney/IMP3ROVE in the Dreischeibenhaus in Düsseldorf.

There, the students had the opportunity to get to know Kearney/IMP3ROVE better as an employer and to gain authentic and honest insights into the work of management consultants. The students also took part in an exciting presentation workshop with exciting content such as storytelling and tips on preparing and delivering presentations.

Finally, the students were able to ask their last questions and enjoy the evening with a cold drink in Düsseldorf's old town.

 Many thanks for a successful day Kearney/IMP3ROVE!

Annual kick-off

To start the new MAP year 2023 together, we invited to the annual kick-off on 24.01.2023. There, students were able to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Especially the new MAP members had the chance to settle in and make new contacts.


At the beginning, there was a brief overview of the MAP program. In order to facilitate the exchange afterwards, first some getting-to-know-you games were played. Afterwards, the MAP members were able to finish off the evening with some finger food and a cold drink that they had brought along themselves.